Super Manifestor Book

Everyone manifests: whether they accept responsibility for the outcome of their thoughts and feelings, or not. Sadly too many choose manifesting - which is letting stale everyday thinking, lead to the same displeasing results. How many people truly embrace their natural-born power to super manifest?

Guide yourself back to your natural healing abilities and unlimited creative power; with a daily blend of self-hypnosis, meditation and good-vibe practices. Overcome childhood, family and ancestral trauma which shape the human pattern of 80% negative fully thinking (fear, uncertainty, lack and doubt).

You are not the majority! Free your mind and open your heart. Learn how easy it is to work the secret(99% non-physical energy) in you, so the Universe can deliver your dreams easily; without hard work or forcing outcomes.

Spiritual disrupter, hypnotist and cosmologist: Riley encourages you to open your focus to your non-physical creative core and manifest more joy, peace and love. Riley helps ordinary people unleash the power of the Universe. Now, It's your turn to super manifest the secret in you!