New Earth Stirs the Age of Aquarius - Sisters Collective Aquarius AstroJewel


Super Bracelet with the Zodiac powers of the Aquarius Sign (Jan 23 to Feb 19. 

Combine the properties of the gemstones: Turquoise (healing), blue Kyanite (Seering), Malachite (Third Eye) and Grey Pearls (Intellect) with powerful hematites.   

Express your essence with these supernatural gemstones and step into your Galactic power, as you distribute the seeds of change.  Movement is the metaphor for the future-proofing ability of Aquarius to disrupt, shock and consciously assemble the progression of the collective.

Hardwearing design that can be worn in the lab, whilst you are constructing the next AI world takeover to emancipate the underdogs or whenever you remember to pull your head away from your 'puter'. 

If you want to know more about the influence of Aquarius in your personal astrology read our BLOG 

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January 20 to February 19



Ruling Planet

Uranus (Ahead of the Wave, Disruption, Rules all things Science, Digital and Tech (including the www) & Saturn (Limits, Lessons)



Conscious, rational, scientific, clever, rebel with a cause

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Kyanite (cleansing & intellect), malachite (ancestral connection, invention, astral travel), green turquoise (protection, universal communication), amazonite (wisdom & understanding)


Gold, silver plate and black hematites (magnetism, amplification)