Sparkling lil Baby - Sisters Collective Gemini Astrojewel


A cheeky, funny, entertaining and playful combination of gemstones crafted to enhance the powers of the Mutable Air Zodiac sign: Gemini. Perfect gift for the Gemini with birthdays between 21 May to 20 June. 

Gemstones include: Peridot (luck, thinking, communicating), Citrine (wealth), Gold Pearls (magic and light) with gold and natural hematite (amplification).  Wrap a few sparkles into your energy system. 

Wind the wristlet five to six times around your wrist and fastened to fit as you prefer, with the adjustable shambala cord.  A unique gold and green colour mix.  Wear bracelet to expand the powers of quick intellect, thoughts, communication, speaking and mischief.   

Aligns to the Ruler: Mercury and can enhance the quickwitted gentle and playful Gemini sign.  Hardwearing design that can be worn in water, during sports or physical exercise. Wear for as long as you need a zap of pure loving pan straddles energy. 

The Gemini wristlet shines sunlight straight into the heart of a very big star-seed whakapapa (heritage) revered by Māori as shedding light in the dark - and known as the star - Puanga. 



May 21 to June 20



Ruling Planet

Mercury (communication, local travel, insight, analytics) and Uranus (the higher octave ruling thought disruption), Eros & Pysche (Asteroid to up-level and experience Cosmic Love)



Communication, playfulness, joy, mischief, light-hearted

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Peridot (luck, help, communication, prosperity), gold pearls (brilliant partnerships, loyalty), citrine (abundance, cleansing)


Gold & black hematites (magnetism, amplification)