About Astro Jewels

The Astro Jewels range includes 12 unique designs inspired by the astrological qualities of the zodiac star realms that reflect star-full sunlight down to our Southern ranges, from autumn (Aries) to late summer (Pisces).

The zodiacs sitwithin 88 constellations in our galaxy alone!

Astrology can open you to explore the night sky. Remember: there is a huge difference between the North Hemisphere (where most astrology forecasts are based) and our Southern Hemispheres (opposite seasons and +12 hours ahead of Universal time).

Wear an astro jewel to open you to the beneficial qualities of your birth-day zodiac sign and support a life-long learning pathway that is likely to unfold the Universe in you! You were born under a sky full of celestials, and have traits that owe their origins to way more than just the position of the Sun, in the sky, at your first breath.

We created the astrojewels in 2016

In collaboration with Capricorn rising NJ astrologer Crystal of Crystal B. Astrology https://crystalbastrology.com/. Crystal came ‘downunder’ to learn more about the journey of ‘crystals’, following the path of Pounamu (from mountains to sea) and meeting the kaitiaki (Ngāti Wae Wae). By a roaring fire on Hokitika beach, Crystal threw down the ‘whero’ (challenge), and opened a portal for Carmelle to (re) connect to her stars and now share: Southern-sky cosmology.