Sisters Collective Taurus Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet. You hold the Key to Your Happiness


Taurus is the second (2nd) and one of the luckiest houses of the zodiac.  A fixed Earth sign that can easily manifest any object, love, or experience they wish to possess. 

Ruled by the grounded and positive energies of the goddess planet, Venus and supported by the Moon (emotional and physical sustenance) and Jupiter (positive expansion), Taurus draws all forms of earthy possessions through standing and security. 

Covert and claim this unique hot pink and gold splash to adorn your wrist with the beauty and gorgeousness you deserve. Gemstones include: Pink Tourmalines (love, harmony, relationships), Black Tourmalines (protection from negativity), Pink Quartz (warmth and love), garnets (passion) with gold hematites (amplification). 

This wristlet teams the selected Taurus gemstones with a fuschia pink single strand shambala cord and a hand-engraved round (12mm) rose gold charm hand-engraved with the Taurus Zodiac sign. Adjustable hot pink shambala cord to fit your wrist. 

Perfect for Taurus with birthdays between (20 April to 20 May). 

Affirm your Taurean Astrojewel intentions with the manifesting affirmation “I HAVE ” to expand your treasure chest, money, wealth and treasured possessions. 

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April 20 to May 20


Fixed Earth

Ruling Planet

Venus, Ceres



Love, strategy, security, desire for things, wealth and money, determination and 'feels'

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Pink tourmaline (love, harmony, relationships), pink quartz (warmth and love), black pearl (partnership, loyalty), hot pink jasper (supreme nurturing with feels)


Gold, silver and black hematites (imagination, amplification)