Sisters Collective Gemini Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet. Joyously playing as I Change Our Minds


Gemini is the mutable air 3rd house of the Zodiac, representing the change from late spring to summer.  This sign is governed by the fastest moving planet Mercury.  A light little 'pan' of rapid thoughts and ideas mixed up with twinkles, charm and quick wit. Forever playful, mischievous and definitely hard to pin down.  

The design of the Gemini astrojewel was inspired by the sign's dedication to the ease, joy and flow of pleasing ideas and uniting communications.   If your Sun is in Gemini, your life's purpose is to bring people together and unite them with joy.   This applies to everyone born between 21 May to June 20. 

Gemini love to kick around ideas, most always cheerful (even when angry), a litte bit dizzy, and never lost for words. But there is a deep love of sharing information that stems from a genuine desire for deepening social connections even if this is just keeping the siblings and cousins behaving.  

Gemstones include: Periodot (luck, hope, prosperity, communications), citrine (wealth), gold pearls (brilliant union), gold hematite, crafted on a pale gold-green single strand, with a hand-engraved round (12mm) golden charm engraved with the Zodiac sign of Gemini. 

Of all the signs, Gemini could do well to affirm their intention by blessing their Zodiac Astrojewel in a daily meditation.  Finding those slow Theta brainwaves are the metaphor for embracing your long lost twin Gemini.  This is the key code you will never sniff out, if you are rushing around with other people's stories in your cute lil head!

The affirmation for the Gemini Astrojewel is “I THINK” which is more important than most of us know, given there can be as many as 70,000 thoughts circling in our mind every day.  Chronic thinking leads to beliefs that harden into life experience.  Being open and willing to follow our thoughts (Gemini) onwards to our feelings (Cancer) can lead us back to better feeling thoughts.  This is emotional intelligence and the union of thoughts and beliefs (Sagittarius) that prove super manifesting abilities. 

A hardwearing design that can be worn in water, during sports or physical exercise and everywhere that a Gemini likes to flit to.  Adjustable shambala cord to fit your wrist. 



May 21 to June 20


Mutable air

Ruling Planet

Mercury, Uranus



Quick thinker, communicative, playful, joy, mischief, light-hearted, likes a bit of gossip

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Peridot (luck, help, communication, prosperity), gold pearls (brilliant partnerships, loyalty), citrine (wealth, abundance, cleansing)


Gold, silver and black hematites (magnetism, amplification)