Serving You All that You Need and More - Sister Collective Virgo Astrojewel


Breathe and feel the healing energy of these special design of this gemstone bracelet that is designed to enhance the powers of the Mutable Earth Sign that is Virgo (23 August to 22 September). 

A carefully chosen balance of gemstones on an adjustable shambala bracelet include: White turqoise (friendship, healing) Black tourmaline (protection from negativity), Black Pearls (loyalty) and with silver and natural hematite (amplification). 

Wrap the wristlet five to six times around your wrist and fasten to fit with the shambala cord.   Wear bracelet to expand your detail, analytical and planning focus.

Just as Virgos love a good list to note down all the details this is one wristlet to take note of. Wear to increase flexibility, service, self-resilience. 

Great for practical Virgos.  You can wear it while you sort the house and the backyard as it's such a hardwearing design.  Also can be worn in water, during sports or physical exercise. Wear for as long as you need to ground yourself fully in the power of your love and light. 



August 23 to September 22



Ruling Planet

Mercury (communication, travel, insight, analytics), Chiron (Asteroid-Wounded Healer. Heal the deepest wound to guide others) and Vesta (your place of holiness, sacred space)



Helpful, organised, grounded - maybe a bit OCD!

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Natural jasper (earthy balance, positive action), white turquoise (passion, healing), black and white pearls (reflection, balance)


Silver plate and black hematites (magnetism, amplification)