Sisters Collective

Designed and hand-woven in Aotearoa

By wāhine who care about Papatūānuku (Earth) and leaving a legacy for our whānau
(families) who follow.

sustainably crafted

Hei tiki

Expand your connection to the Cosmos

Astro jewels

Deepen your sacred connection to the Universe, the sun, moon, stars, planets, asteroids, gaseous light, all the black-holes, our great galactic core (27 degrees Sagittarius) and galaxies beyond, from your place on Earth, right now

Unique Gemstones – He Kōhatu Ahurei

We design and craft sustainable jewellery to protect and empower you. We use sustainable and common semi-precious stones, hand engraved in small machine batch carves.

Even with our most popular lab-stone Opalite, no two gemstones are alike

Gemstones hold the vibration of Earth’s creation

Earthquakes, huge pressure, volcanic eruptions, implosion of water.  They can also hold a personal or collective invocation. Lab-made stones simulate this energetic fusion without harming the planet.

Hei tiki

The Hei Tiki came to us in 2019, following an intense conversation about the environmental impact of carving rare traditional materials.  We wanted to explore combining sustainable stones with modern capabilities, to ‘inspire’ new learning journeys.  

Better for the planet

We select gemstones based on their known density and metaphysical properties (vibrational energy); that are lab-made, or harvested with the least possible negative impact on the whenua.


Astro Jewels

May (re)ignite your sacred connection to the Universal energies of the sun, moon, the stars, the solar planets and asteroids, gaseous light and black-holes, our great galactic core (27 degrees Sagittarius) and galaxies beyond, from your place on Earth, right now.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I love my tikis. I have every single tiki from SIC’s hei tiki collection. They go everywhere with me. They are so unique to NZ and unique within themselves. I like to layer mine. “How many is too many?” - I ask myself some days as I walk out the door with no less than 6 around my neck. I am always getting complimented on my tikis and most people love the fact that they are gemstones. I find them really funky and love mixing them up with my different outfits. I even took them to the Great Tane Mahuta to let him smile on them. The tiki make great gifts and I have found giving my friends a tiki is such a special moment, so personal and Sic have so many options as gifts.
— Kim, Team Leader, Top Ambassador
Customer reviews
Kia ora tātou whānau, yes Sister Collective jewellery, I’ve always loved it! People always ask me where did you get your jewels from and I always proudly say “Te Wai Pounamu, Sisters Collective”.
— Whetu, Media Owner
Customer reviews
I love my moonstone tiki and get so many compliments every time I wear it. I’m looking forward to wearing my new lapis tiki on woven strand over the summer. The new woven strands are awesome.
— Sue, Teaching Assistant
Customer reviews
I absolutely love my Sisters Collective jewels. There are more than a couple of pieces that I adore. I have worn Sisters Collective now for quite a few years. I also love gifting their jewellery. So perfect for friends and family. I am really loving their new Hei Tiki collection at the moment. Thank you sisters, your jewels are beautiful
— Rana, Hair Stylist, Christchurch
Customer reviews
I was gifted a SiC gemstone bracelet in 2018 during a difficult time in my life. During my recovery, I looked at that bracelet a lot. I began really feeling the energy of the kōhatu (stones). I buy SIC jewels for all my friends especially if they need a little hand up
— Victor, Playwright, Auckland
Customer reviews
I am an ambassador for SIC in Rarotonga. I wear their jewels almost every day and always get compliments. I’ve bought their astro jewels as gifts for friends over many years. And, I buy their tiki as koha for friends and whānau. Everyone loves jewels. They are eye-catching, unique and they also help you with your manifesting
— Lysia Stringer. Deputy Principal
Customer reviews
Wearing my black onyx & scimitar SIC necklace was a daily practice for me when I first met Carmelle (founder) and her daughter, Raphaela, in a Christchurch swimming pool, where I was waiting for my children to finish lessons. Raph noticed my necklace and Carmelle inquired where I had bought it. Since that serendipitous meeting, our families lives have intertwined, and I’ve also become dear friends of co-founder, Adrienne and her husband Gazza. To think that a whole chapter of history has resulted from a chance meeting over a taonga (necklace), is pretty special.
— Lauren Inkster, Store Manager

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