Wanna Dance with Me - Sisters Collective Libra Astrojewel


Distinctive. Artsy. Designed just for the ever-classy and ultimate connector: Libra. 

Sisters Collective have crafted this styley bracelet purely to expand the charm and grace of the Cardinal Air Zodiac sign: Libra.  This stylish bracelet teams bluey grey violet and grey, illustrating the charismatic charm that is Libra.  

A gift to WOW even the most discerning diplomat, your cardinal relations Queen (or King) with birthdays between 23 September and 21 October. 

Gemstones include: Blue chalcedony (purity, alignment), blue sunstones (leadership), Grey Pearls (marriage, partnership, connection), with rainbow silver and natural hematite (amplification).  Wrap your energy system with the guidance of your higher self and align to what feels true and good to you. 

Libra is the Zodiac sign that best represents connections that flourish with balance, alignment and peace.  This 7th sign of the zodiac is the first of the Universal houses and represents, the relationship between you with your higher self, and you and other people.     

The design was modelled upon the Libran’s ability to easily create alignment, balance and peace between the polarities.  A delicate balancing act for this relationship-focused cardinal AIR sign.

This wristlet can be wound five to six times around your wrist and fastened to fit as you prefer, with the adjustable shambala cord.  A unique classy silver misty blue colour mix.  Wear bracelet to expand the powers of balance, peace, grace, cooperation, fairness and goodwill.  

This hardwearing design that can be worn in water, during sports or physical exercise. Wear for as long as you need a reminder of the Grace that is always part of thinking as soon as you choose to remember.  

Ignite your Libra zodiac sign and gemstones by setting an intention and repeatedly tuning into the powers of the Goddess Venus.  Do this often, for more love, fun and recollection of your creative powers.

The affirmation for the Libra Astrojewel is “I ALIGN” that captures the desire of this initiating cardinal AIR to achieve balance in all connections.



September 23 to October 22



Ruling Planet

Venus (love, femininity, values, security), Chiron (Deepest wound that leads to heal both self and others), Juno (power asteroid for ascension through devotion, forgiveness)



Diplomatic, balanced & fair, natural partner, finds alignment

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Grey pearls (reflection, partnership, fidelity), blue chalcedony (alignment and spiritual linkages), and for balance blue sunstones (leadership, life-force, enterprise, magic)


Silver plate & black hematites (magnetism, amplification)