Just Maui and the Star-King of the Universe REHUA - Sisters Collective Scorpio Astrojewel


Scorpio is the fixed Water Zodiac sign that acts with the intensity of a fixed Will.   This 8th sign of the zodiac is the second Universal house and motivated to cut through the rubbish!  This zodiac sign is not one to shy away from a direct conversation or confrontation, tuning into your emotions, before you have even begun to guess them yourself.  This sign is sure to leave a legacy even if that is just a lasting impression!    

This fixed, intense and most illusive of the water signs, is ruled by the dwarf planet Pluto and the God of Action and War: Mars.  Pluto the ruler, is the planet that will break everything down for a new reality to emerge. You could like this energy to a rich nourished compost that breaks down all the nutrients to support the new life of spring.  

Sisters Collective have captured the direct intensity of Scorpio with the Sisters Collective Scorpio Astrojewel.  The design was modelled to portray the energies of the mighty Scorpio persuader, who intuits the intensity of all deep human emotions; literally sniffing the waves of potency, way before others have caught on! 

A simple but powerful design, teaming red, gold, dark brown and pink, on a deep-mahogany red strand to enhance the powers of the Fixed Water Zodiac sign (22 October to 20 November). 

The Scorpio Astrojewel includes: Pink tourmalines (love and passion) and black tourmalines (healing and the most protective of all gemstones from negative energies), red garnet (passion and sexual energy), gold pearls (magnificence).  

Ignite your Scorpio zodiac sign and gemstones by setting an intention and repeatedly tuning into the powers of the intensity of Pluto.  Do this often, for more love, fun and recollection of your creative powers.

The affirmation for the Scorpio Astrojewel is “I TRANSFORM” that captures the power and passion of this feminine fixed Water sign.     

In the North, you are well advised never to go into battle with Scorpio, the sting in their tail can be fatal.  Downunder (South Pacific) there are no scorpions.  We love the depths of the night and the emergence of Te Whai Ao, the spark that creates.  Scorpio in the South rules the realm of Maui, great courage, innovation and entrepreneurship.



October 23 to November 21



Ruling Planet

Pluto (transformation, regeneration, power/powerlessness/control) and Mars (life-force, action) & Black Lilith (Asteroid for your deepest shadow (fear) to overcome)



Natural Healer, Psychic, Intuitive, Doesn't suffer fools!

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Pink and black tourmalines (loving connections, ridding negative influences), red garnet (sexual energy, passion, business success) gold pearls (magnificence)


Gold, silver & black hematites (magnetism, amplification)