Fly me to the Moon now - Sisters Collective Cancer Astrojewel Wristlet


Call to the deep lines of your tribal ancestry, the moon, your ancestors and hear your Karanga (call) echoing slowly, around the globe. 

This beautiful moony wristlet full of naturally beautiful gemstones is a moon song to He Marama - the sensitive Moon, that rules over this Cardinal, Water Zodiac Sign. 

Cancer birthdays fall between 20 June and 21 July  Gemstones include: Opalite Moonstone (reflection, loyalty), White and Grey Pearls (fidelity, partnership, relationships), with silver and natural hematite (amplification). 

Unique silvery white grey tones to symbolise the great ebb and flow of the Moon monther.  And just as Cancerians are very connected to their feelings and emotions about their origins, this adjustable shambala bracelet can align you to the energies of ancestry, family, emotional insight, compassion.

Wrap the wristlet (106cm) five to six times around your wrist and fasten to fit with the shambala cord.  Hardwearing design that can be worn in whilst you are dancing naked under the moon, in your Cancer cave or whilst dipping your crabby toes in the sea. 

This wristlet shines sunlight straight into the heart of the first Cancer new moon that is celebrated in Aotearoa, deep in winter, as the start of the Māori New Year.

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June 21 to July 22



Ruling Planet

The Moon (He Marama)



Rootedness, intuition, deeply emotional, links to family & nature

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Moonstone opalites (reflection, and transformation), white & grey pearls (partnership, loyalty, fidelity)


silver, gold & black hematites (magnetism, amplification)