Sisters Collective Virgo Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet. Yes, no problem .... I can do it!


Virgo is the Zodiac sign that best represents self sufficiency, service, daily routines, duty, where we work, our problems and their overcoming, and the full realm of healing.  Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is the last of the physically oriented signs coinciding with the last weeks of autumn in the North. 

This cycle celebrates all the summer growth, a bountiful harvest, and what we put away for autumn.  Virgo's symbol is the Virgin: less about sexual purity, and everything to do with clarity, the 'pure' seeds of our imagination.  Our choice between chronic negative thinking or upleveling to a higher frequency

If your Sun is in Virgo, your purpose is to share as the harvest.  Metaphorically this means raising the vibe, and bringing joy, peace and happiness (a full harvest without disease or attack) to the World.

You are that bountiful and pleasing crop that was planned and then planted with great care, the season before.  You tended the seeds and keep them dry so they grow another generation of food to feed the people.  

Virgo has a gentle but persistent vibe that is very dedicated to helping others.  Virgos have birthdays from 23 August to 21 September.  

They are very intuitive, love to plan, create lists, create processes and organise their families and workplaces.  Animals are attracted to them, and Virgos are happiest making order in the home, their garden, their workplace or nature herself. They are gentle, great healers, psychically aware of the tiniest of details, practical, organised, sometimes obsessive and OCD, but deep hearted gracious Souls. 

Your mutability (flexible pragmatism) is duly ruled by Mercury and the Asteroid Chiron.  The influence of Chiron (wounded healer), fires in Virgo, natural healing abilities, especially in relation to the Earth. And, when core wounds have been self-healed, the unlimited inner resourcefulness of the Virgin, can generate light, movement and action from the heart of the great star-void Messier 87.  Virgos have access to this ancestral star knowledge through healing, that once found will have it’s impact throughout the Cosmos. 

The Sisters Collective Virgo Astrojewel lets you unleash the psychic detailing of the  industrious, super-planner.  Boost your organisation skills, of self, and others.  Channel those superior skills to better the world & the planet.  

Sisters Collective’s Virgo Astrojewel is that pure expression, understated and humble.  This natural-tone bracelet speaks to the supreme ordering and grounding nature of Virgo with black and white crystals, on an earthy-red strand.  

Gemstones include: natural jasper (for balance), white turquoise (healing and friendship), and black and white pearls (for loyalty).   This design combines the gemstones on a Earth coloured single strand, with a silver round (12mm) charm hand- engraved with the Virgo zodiac sign.  

Ignite your Virgo zodiac sign and gemstones by setting an intention and repeatedly tuning into the powers of the Mother Earth, and planet Mercury.   Do this often, for fun and recollection of your creative powers. 

The affirmation for the Virgo Astrojewel is “I SERVE” that captures the naturally grounded capacities of this divinely feminine Earth sign.

A hardwearing design that can be worn whilst gardening, vacuuming, coaxing your workmates into team sports or most physical exercises.  Adjustable shambala cord to fit your wrist. 



August 23 to September 22


Mutable Earth

Ruling Planet

Mercury, Chiron, Vesta



Earth guardian, service orientated, great planner, helpful, organised, grounded - maybe a bit OCD

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Natural jasper (earthy balance, positive action), white turquoise (passion, healing), black and white pearls (reflection, balance)


Gold, silver and black hematites (magnetism, amplification)