Sisters Collective Sagittarius Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet - Super Manifest your Big Unlimited Beliefs


The design of the Sagittarius Astrojewel was inspired by the regal Super Manifestors of our Galaxy.  A suitable gift for the mighty Sagittarian, with birthdays between 22 November and 21 December.  

Sagittarians are the ultimate philosopher, teacher or wise counsel. Their manifesting is always positive, grandiose, next level and sometimes a bit too much. The other signs marvel as the Sagis amongst us snap your fingers and fire-up the full creative power of Te Kōre (the Galactic Core) - with the power of their (generally) positive beliefs!  

Aligns to the Ruler Jupiter, to enhance all co-creative manifesting, cosmic channelling, and the Universal blessings that always flow with a focus past beliefs to unlimited consciousness. 

A magnanimous combination of abundance gemstones crafted to enhance the positive Mutable Fire Flow of Sagittarius.  Gemstones include: Amethyst (spirituality), galaxy blue sunstone (illumination), smoky quartz (dispersment of fear = no limits), crafted on a royal blue single strand, with a hand-engraved round (12mm) golden charm engraved with the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. 

Power your super manifesting birth right with the Sagittarius wristlet's fire-gold zodiac charm and abundance gemstones.  Set your Bigger-Bolder intentions, and repeatedly tune into the powers of Jupiter and the Sun.  Do this often, for fun and recollection of your Galactic manifesting powers. 

The affirmation for the Sagittarius Astrojewel is “I BELIEVE” alluding to the positive next level big-manifesting abilities of this generous fire sign.    

A hardwearing design that can be worn beside a bonfire, whilst smudging, adventuring the world, and definitely when you journeying the Cosmos, on your astral travels.  Adjustable shambala cord to fit your wrist. 

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November 22 - December 20


Mutable Fire

Ruling Planet

Jupiter (positivity, abundance, good luck



Super manifest (beliefs that manifest), values, philosophy, the wise sage & teachers, generosity, abundance, visionary - goals that stretch far and wide, global and international adventures

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Amethyst (insight, spirituality, higher realms), red garnets (success in business, passion), black pearls (partnership, fidelity), smoky quartz (diffusing fear, connection with spirit)


Gold, silver & black hematite (magnetism, amplification)