Sisters Collective Māori Hei Tiki gemstone pendant. Sustainable Amazonite (lucky) stone, with rhoduim plate Stainless Steel Chain

$171.75 $229.00

Unique indigenous Māori design.  Hand engraved Hei Tiki gemstone pendant with a durable rhoduim plate Stainless Steel Chain.  Wear this very special design that fuses modern innovation with traditional customary design.   

This is a sustainable and common stone.  No other company produces Hei Tiki pendants in Amazonite.  

Hei tiki size: 5cm long and 3cm wide at its widest point.

Wear for: Hei Tiki is a special guardian Māori design worn to protect and support the wearer: Amazonite is worn to increase luck and good fortune, expand abundance and wealth.  Considered a very lucky crystal. 

Comes with sustainable white pine jewellery box (video)  

Kōhatu (gemstones)



Libra 29 (October 22/23)


Amazingness, 100x, Nothing by Halves



Natural stone