There is a very big star shift happening on March 8 (NZT) take note.  Saturn moves to Pisces, and teams up with generation planetary influencers: Neptune and Jupiter, to bring a real super-manifesting muscle, to your imaginal work.

Pisces is a huge star realm and is the last sign of the zodiac.  In this 12th and most deeply divine or spiritual realm, there is a little bit of all the other zodiac signs (Aries to Aquarius).

Pisces rules the unconscious mind, the imaginative wishful field (source), our enduring faith, our wairuatanga – spirituality, openness and empathy, and enables the emergence of your true creative spirit (your 90% imaginative mind).

Neptune, the key ruler of Pisces, rules the ocean and through this the great flow of planetary wellbeing and vitality.  Jupiter assists Neptune, as co-ruler of Pisces.  Jupiter is the key to the pure positive flavour of manifesting.  And, you must learn the true power of your imaginal focus (Saturn) and surrender (Neptune) to this, if you are to manifest (Jupiter) in a way that truly pleases you!

Since 2020, Saturn has been assisting some very big collective shifts not to mention uncomfortable changes as the resident ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius.

But now with this mystical pivot into the Pisces star realm, you can bring advantage to your manifesting. Especially, if you are already exercising the true power of consistently and positivity focusing your imagination.

Those who imagine consciously and consistently will enter the kingdom, and make (their) heaven on Earth.

To celebrate Saturn’s and a few other planetary shifts, SIC has created a special range of Hei Tiki taonga (treasures or gemstones).  We have invested months of love, creativity and battled lockdowns/logistic challenges (not to mention six planet retrogrades).

But, in true Saturn style, we have sourced some rare gemstones and had these carved into our unique range of Hei Tiki taonga.  One of these Hei Tiki is Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis is a bright royal blue opaque stone found mostly in Afghanistan. Additional deposits are taken from Chile, Siberia, the United States, and Myanmar.

Lapis Lazuli has been treasured and traded for at least +6500 years and is the birthstone for those born on December 5 (Sagittarius 13).  Sagittarians are natural super-manifestors, ruled by the planet Jupiter.  But it is less known that Pisces are also blessed with the influence of Jupiter, so Lapis is a very important taonga for all of your Sagi and Piscerians points (FYI everyone has Sagittarius and Pisces governing two areas of your life and you can find this out by getting your natal chart – try our partner Crystal B’s link to get yours for free:

Our Hei Tiki Lapis Lazuli are blessed by us, to advance your awareness and consciousness, healing and recovery from illness or operations.

Just remember with all Hei Tiki, you should add your own blessing or intention.  Calling your Hei Tiki by an ancestral name will help you to realise your high intentions. Hei Tiki love a little purpose and their natural high vibe is up-levelled by your intention and focus.

And if you are more partial to a visual – sharing here, our reel:

March 07, 2023
Tags: Gemstones