Two big planet shifts have ushered in the Aquarian Age and this new Zodiac year.  These are waves of thought consciousness that may swamp you, or you learn to surf especially when you focus past just the physical (1% conditioned by your senses).

On March 24 (NZ), Pluto turned into Aquarius (which rules NZ and is why we have the ruamoko-earthquakes), and will sit here for 20 or so more years.   Pluto’s themes are essentially about the emergence into POWER, and also the opposite – powerlessness. Both create legacy.  

You are born with an inheritance of DNA and ancestral power that you explore, awaken, assimilate and destroy, so you can transform.  This is how you emerge as an authority for yourself and leave a legacy in the world. As you claim the power within you, you will emerge and align with your higher self.  

Power issues will also play out in the mind of the conscious collective. Our collective contributions are the legacy we leave fur future generations. As more people claim higher consciousness, a more evolved, conscious world is created.

Mars is the planet of action, drive, our drive to create, procreate; mate, and to wage war.  Mars represents the lower and yes more personal movements of Pluto’s quest: to disassemble to reorder! 

We all have this creative driving energy and each of us have a position of Mars in our chart.  Mars’ shift from energetic Gemini (thoughts and communication) into Cancer will send a ripple of smouldering energy: a hot bed of fiery embers out to the rest of 2023.   

Here in NZ, we experience the cosmos from the Southern skies, so the duality of the opposites is also ever present when we look at the Universal themes (the 99% yet to be created by consciousness). 

We are exact opposite: just as the Northerners start the zodiac year, with the Spring Equinox (Aries, 21 March), down here on 22 March (we are also 12 hours ahead of the Northern UTC start), there is the genesis triggering of more shadow than sunlight, with the Autumn turn. We get ready to hibernate not sprout as spring bulbs.

So for Pluto in Aquarius, this adds to the power struggles, a flava of creative leadership nature. Leo (self leadership) may take centre stage and drag your own focus out of the collective (Aquarius), focusing you into your own pride (imagination).  

For this Universal Mars in Cancer shift (18 months), expect steely determination to feature. Capricorn governs ambition, the application of your imagination, perseverance and focus (many attribute to work).   Throw systemic desires to ground and rule big, take the microphone and adjudicate all of the controlling issues.  

There will be quite a few standing ground, drawing lines in the sand, posturing about issues in our society, our networks, associations and peer groups.  Expect silent protests and lots of passive aggression for those not choosing to focus their energies on expecting the best, and letting go of the rest! The wise do not protest – let go, so your consciousness can fuse with better feeling, heart felt, realities. 

The blood red passion of 2023 was a big reason in our choice to design a red Hei Tiki.  We choose Carnelian. The Stone of Embodiment (actually Pisces 24) which affirms truly owning the power of your thinking and feeling.  FYI Pisces ♓️ is the most evolved of all the signs as it is the realm of Source and the unconscious mind (90%).

Carnelian can be found here in Aotearoa, on the beaches of the Coromandel. A red, orange, and reddish-brown chalcedony, we sourced this Carnelian to signify the practice of intuition, insight and inner knowing, that must accompany ‘wisdom’  especially in this year when power and control themes will continue to emerge. 

March 29, 2023
Tags: Gemstones