All gemstones hold a particularly strong energy (Mauri).  You can use this power for manifesting your specific desires. 

Rocks, gems & crystals have a very dense and strong energy.  They hold the vibration or powerful energy of their formation.  This energy includes the process of their formation (think explosive Volcanic eruptions, or shattering Earthquakes).  When lava cools or disrupted rock fuses with water, crystallisation occurs.  For lab. stones this billion-year environmental process has been simulated by a machine. 

You can fuse any desire with the powerful energy of your gemstones.  All you have to do is be clear and positive on your desire, then set your intention for success into your crystals. 

This then fuses your desire with both your specific intention AND the Universal energy of your special gem (for example - Onyx is aligned with Focus, Protection and Empowerment).   Remember that some crystals have inter-galactic origins (i.e Shungite - a meteorite deposit in Karelia, Russia).  So this can seed a galactic power to your goal. 

For those interested in learning more about manifesting here is your link to Carmelle's book Super Manifestor (Audio Book)

April 14, 2024
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