Sisters Collective Leo Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet. You are Gold. Roaarrr, play and create


Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac.  Leo is a fixed fire zodiac sign ruled by the Sun.   If you are born with your Sun in Leo your life purpose is to find the areas of your life where you can stand easily in the spotlight, where you can shine and how you can best share your light with others. 

This sassy sign has power because it’s natives are born under the full Summer sun so they have access to the Sun’s full resources and life-siring creative fuel.   Leo won’t take kindly to being told NO because expanding life around them is their life’s purpose and mission.

Leo lions and lionesses have birthdays from 22 July to 22 August.  They are powerful charismatic leaders, love to play, perform, and create. They make great parents and teachers.  They have big personalities and sometimes egos too.  Romance, sex, affection and leading the pack (Rooaarrr!) drive Leo, this fiery fixed leader. 

Sisters Collective’s Leo Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet, is designed to match the optimistic, big Mauri (life force energy) of this big-hearted, generous creator.  Pat their back or their ego, they love a compliment and the sun-gold tones of this spicy gemstone bracelet are sure to bring any loving Leo, the oos and aars, that are their star-born regal gifting.   

The Leo Astrojewel Zodiac wristlet combines a single gold strand, abundance gemstones and a golden charm engraved with the Zodiac sign of Leo.  Gold-tone abundance ignites the Law of Attraction with: gold sunstones (brilliance), amazonite (luck, chance, good fortune),citrine (unlimited abundance and wealth) and natural hematites (amplification). 

Fire your charms Leo. Set Joyful and Bold intentions and repeatedly tune into the powers of the Sun.  Do this often, for sport, fun and the reclamation of your unlimited energy and creative powers. 

The affirmation for the Leo Astrojewel is “I CREATE” alluding to the powerful creative abilities of this determined, masculine Fire sign.    

This hardwearing design that can be worn in water, during sports or physical exercise.  Adjustable shambala cord to fit your wrist. 



July 22 - August 22


Fixed Fire

Ruling Planet




Leadership, Performance, Creativity and Play, Natural Ruler, Romantic, Great with children

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Citrine (wealth), tigers eye (oversight), gold sunstone (opulence), amazonite (fortune), grey pearl (loyalty and friendship)


Gold, silver and black hematite (magnetism, amplification)