Sisters Collective Libra Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet. Align With Your Highest Wellbeing


Libra is the Zodiac sign that best represents connections that flourish with balance, alignment and peace.  If you are born with your Sun in Libra, you are likely to be a relationship focused person. 

In charge of the seventh (7th) connections house of the zodiac, Libra is the first Universal house and represents, the relationship or alignment between the little (physical) you and your broader, wiser, eternally Universal unlimited self.  This manifests in the characteristics of enduring partnerships with others.      

A cardinal (think 'initiator') and considered Air sign, ruled by the planet: Venus (loving connections)Cardinal signs represent the starting month of a new seasonal cycle, so they are the change-markers for each new season.  In mainstream astrology, Libra rules the shift to autumn, and with the high-growth phase over, one finds perspective, decides who to bed down, to put stores aside to share for the colder months, 

Librans have their birthdays from 23 September to 22 October.  Extroverted and able to inspire others towards reconciliation, people naturally attract to Librans, their dynamic communication, charming and fast wit, and easy cooperative natures.  

Librans are the masters of compromise and peace, with no love lost, unless a connection upsets the heart (Venus).  They make great leaders, friends and partners.  They prefer refinement in all things, and yes: beautiful objects and lavish surroundings. They put the capital C in class. 

Those born under the sign of Libra, will appreciate the stylish Sisters Collective Libra Astrojewel.  This design was modelled in homage to Libra’s ability to easily create alignment, balance and peace between opposites, to create peace amongst polarities - a fine balance amidst chaos. 

Gemstones include" blue chalcedony (partnership, loyalty), blue sunstones (alignment and spiritual balance), with rainbow hematite (magic), crafted on a single smoky violet-blue strand, and a round (12mm) silver charm hand-engraved with the Libra zodiac sign.  

Ignite your Libra zodiac sign and gemstones by setting an intention and repeatedly tuning into the powers of the Goddess Venus.  Do this often, for more centring, and alignment to your loving cooperative nature. 

The affirmation for the Libra Astrojewel is “I ALIGN” that captures the desire of this initiating cardinal AIR to achieve balance in all connections.

This hardwearing design that can be worn in water, during sports or physical exercise.  Adjustable shambala cord to fit your wrist. 



September 23 to October 22


Cardinal Air

Ruling Planet

Venus (love, femininity, values, security)



Diplomatic, balanced & fair, natural partner, finds alignment

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Grey pearls (reflection, partnership, fidelity), blue chalcedony (alignment and spiritual linkages), and for balance blue sunstones (leadership, life-force, enterprise, magic)


Gold, Silver & Black Hematites (magnetism, amplification)