Wrap of Hope and Courage


Aōtearoa (NZ) has the highest rate of domestic violence in the world and this needs to end.
Our wahine (women) are the backbone of families (whānau) and our communities. We all have to support women to raise the next generation of healthy, happy, flourishing children – Tamariki Ora – they are our future.
Sisters Collective has created this powerful talisman of connection, hope and courage to support the end of violence in our communities.
Designed to protect women and children and ensure they can always feel connected and supported even in their darkest hours, the Hope and Courage wrap is designed using: black tourmaline (schorl) is a powerful kōhatu (gemstone) to rid negative and dark influences and provide courage, and white turquoise, to connect women through kinship and friendship and to promote healing – teamed with a base of hematite (magnetism), pearls (partnership) and opalites (reflection and hope).
The use of black and white crystals is a metaphor for our wāhine to emerge from the dark night (Te Po) into the Light – Te Ao, and to show that we women NEVER have to inhabit the grey spaces of violence – rise up, you are connected and supported!