Are you curious about the traits and characteristics of a Taurus? Dive into the world of astrology and discover what makes this zodiac sign unique.

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What are the key traits of a Taurus?

Taurus is known for being reliable, practical, and determined. They are grounded individuals who value stability and security in all aspects of their lives. With a strong work ethic and a love for the finer things in life, Taurus is often seen as dependable and trustworthy.

How does a Taurus approach relationships?

When it comes to relationships, Taurus is loyal and committed. They value honesty and loyalty above all else, making them reliable partners. However, Taurus can also be stubborn and possessive at times, as they value security and stability in their relationships.

What career paths are ideal for a Taurus?

Taurus thrives in careers that allow them to use their practical skills and attention to detail. They excel in fields such as finance, real estate, and agriculture. With their strong work ethic and determination, Taurus is often successful in their chosen career paths.

How can a Taurus improve their well-being?

For a Taurus to maintain their well-being, it is important for them to find balance in all aspects of their lives. Engaging in activities that promote relaxation and self-care can help Taurus manage their stress levels. Additionally, incorporating regular exercise and healthy eating habits can contribute to their overall well-being.

By understanding the traits and characteristics of a Taurus, you can gain insight into this zodiac sign and appreciate the unique qualities they bring to the table. Whether you are a Taurus yourself or have a Taurus in your life, exploring the world of astrology can provide valuable insights into personality traits and behaviors.

Taurus and the Zodiac

Taurus marks the deepening of spring, with the second house of the zodiac.  People born with their Sun in Taurus have birthdays between 20 April and 20 May. 

In traditional western astrology the second lunar month of spring marks the time of full growth (North Hemisphere). 

In Aotearoa, Taurus season marks the deepening of our Autumn season when the nights are drawing close (traditionally this is governed by Scorpio).

Down-under Taureans (I have) are just as much Scorpio (I transform), as you are ruled by Venus and the realm of Taurus (creating stability and security).    

But let's start with the traditional archetypes and as you grow in knowledge our Southern star and Māori cosmology can be applied. 

Taurus is the second (2nd) and one of the luckiest houses of the zodiac - a steadfast and loyal fixed Earth sign that can easily manifest any physical object or pleasure through their happiest exploration of the sensory side of life. 

Ruled by the grounded and positive energies of the goddess planet, Venus, Taurus draws all forms of earthy possessions through standing and security. Especially minerals, rocks, gemstones, natural and all physical adornments.

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Astrology for Taurus 

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus.   Taurus is one of the luckiest houses of the zodiac as it is not only governed by Venus but Venus is supported by the Moon and Jupiter (abundance).   

Venus' influence can only be positive (although her influence can be disrupted or impacted by other planetary positions).  Venus rules love, relationships, attraction, beauty, possession, pleasure and the art of pleasing others. 

Taurus is the most steadfast and loyal fixed Earth sign that can easily manifest any physical object or pleasure through their happiest exploration of the sensory side of life. You are aligned with the natural pleasures of life as experienced with the five senses. 

Liken Taurus to the big shoots of spring that create the lush pastures.  Your crops bearing their first flowers.  Metaphorically this means to your garden is full of life, you are fecund, your berries and fruit (ideas) are ready to ripen and be disseminated or shared by the bees, birds and wind (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). 

The affirmation for the Taurus and our Astrojewel Collection is “I HAVE” 

Being the first physically orientated fixed Earth sign and ruled by the planet Venus, beauty, love, sensory experience and supportive secure relationships are yours to possess.  

Venus is the only feminine planet and one of only two planets that are wholly positive, with no lessons to teach. 

In terms of manifesting, Taurus is only eclipsed by the optimistic expansion of Sagittarius but both signs share the expanding impact of Jupiter.  Taurus is also assisted by the Moon who teams with Venus in the blessing of resources.   

The sign of Taurus is very lucky (especially with money and manifesting physical things), and usually results in a person amassing personal reserves without forcing or manipulation.   

For Taureans, that influence of Venus, the Moon (emotional and physical wellbeing) and Jupiter is purely personal.  Taurus as the second season provides personal resources, vaults of reserves, your own money and wealth.  

Like the budding shoots of spring, your aim is to grow, to strengthen your shoots, so that the garden can flourish with food and flower, and thus contribute to the ongoing cycle of life that the Sun provides to our Earth.  We need this growth season which is why Taureans are so lucky. 

The evolution of the energy that is Taurus is to become conscious, claim and assimilate all the gifts that come naturally and easily to you.  Do this without forcing self or others with your goal to build security.   

Aside from the many beneficial outside yourself energies that support your house, your goal is to recognise that all security is built form within.  You experience creates the foundation of the kai, the food that sustains all life, so receive this, as a natural blessing! 

If you need reminding, go stand on the soil, the beach, the grass.  Climb a tree, a mountain or sit by a rock.  You are the keeper of 8th chakra, the realm of physical manifesting.  Tune into your inner power whenever you can.   This can be a challenge for Taureans who are sensual creatures pleasured by tastes, touch, sounds, smells and what you see around you.   Don't forget your inner perception to just be. To be is to have. 

As soon as you realise this and claim your birthright as a key part of the fabric of life.  Necessary, important, sustaining your circle.  You can provide the security that supports others you love with out any need to reach or grasp for external securities - they can naturally just flow to you, as it is divined through astrology. 


Your Potential

Remember you can use traditional astrology to explore and extend your life's potential - your blueprint or starprint. 

Understanding astrology is understanding your relationship with the nature of life itself and the connection of 'thinking and feeling' with manifesting life experience.

Western astrology is based on the seasons (as the Earth orbits the Sun). There are 4 key codes to navigate the seasons.  Also, in New Zealand because are exactly opposite to the North on our seasons, you also need to consider the Opposite Zodiac sign to you (because this will definitely factor into how you develop as a person, Soul and divine star being). 

Sun: Your life's purpose - Who you are (how and where you can shine)

Moon: Your fuel to get there (emotional and physical needs to asist your journey)

Ascendant and Ruler(s): Your motivation for expanding (both physical and spiritual), and the path you will travel to fulfil your life purpose.  The first house also includes the personality and your physical appearance.  

Noting in the South, you may even have two or more directors (Rulers of your Ascendant) as your navigate your potential. 

Star Whakapapa or Lineage (home planets) affecting your 3 key codes - Where your Universal consciousness came from and where your Soul will return when you cross over from this physical life.  

Sun in Taurus 

If your Sun is in Taurus, your birthday will fall between 21 April and 20 May. 

Sun = Life force energy or purpose.  With a Sun your Taurus, your life purpose is to claim (re-clam if you are out of balance) your natural ability to bring your personal vision, to ground.  To draw the resources and all cooperative forces (of which there are many for you Taurus) that support you to be secure and build a stable foundation (a strong the crop). 

Universal Law of Rhythm 

You are the sign that must embrace the Universal Law of Rhythm.  You are part of graceful rhythm of moment.  The universe drives these big star cycles and the physical cycles within the cycles.  You are part of the whole and your growth contributes to the whole. 

You don't have to push.  You don't have to fear being secure.  The universe wants you to succeed. There is divine timing in you, just as the crops must grow to feed the whole world, you must go within and grow your shoots with the threads of pure consciousness.  Be.  That is how you Have.  Your steadfast nature is as natural as the budding berries that ripen with sunlight and are sealed with moon-glow.  You are the fetus in the embryo, the breath in your throat.  Breathe deep and allow divine timing to gift you as you should be gifted. 

Affirm this for yourself often especially when you feel lost or confused. Centre in the power to create whatever aligned action makes you feel happy little Ram.  Sometimes you need to slow down and be alone before you act on the impulse of will or fear (ego).

Moon in Taurus 

The moon loves Taurus and here is giving, stable, reliable and generative.  The moon has extra strength (exalted) in Taurus, which like a fertile season, is a natural placement for receiving, nurturing bonds, conceiving and birthing.   A Taurus moon placement will need to find, and easily create comfort, stability in all things that create security - relationships, your home, your mode of transport, your friends and family.  It is likely that you had a stable, reliable, dominant, controlling, physically vital or potentially bullying parent.  This can be a strength or a pattern to work upon but because you manifest so easily in the physical realm, your unconscious conditioning (Soul conception to @ 7years) will be manifesting in your life.  

You can manifest your vision (and talents) from the non-physical into the manifesting plane (8th Chakra) more easily than others.  Sensual pleasures can be favoured in times of uncertainty. And, you need to remember to let other people sustain themselves emotionally and physically - don't let your pastures get consumed by the other animals! 

A Taurus moon normally means physical sustenance is easy but you may have to remember your emotional needs are just as important.  You may also have to remind yourself that your reliability, is not a cue, for others to forgo their own personal responsiblity to look after their needs.   Nature and natural practices will help you tune into our Great Mother Earth, and bring you back into your natural born gifts and rhythms.   Meditate in natural surroundings.   Bless your crystals.  Manifest some more!  Garden.  Make beautifuls meals with ingredients grown by your hands.  Build a shed.  Stand under the Moon to recharge.  Lie in the grass and call to Venus and Jupiter for your special visions. 

Reflective Questions

What house is Your Moon in Taurus in?  This will show you the area of life where you need to take care of your emotional and physical needs and show you early whānau or  patterns that you may need to release. 

What is the relationship of Your Moon to Your Sun?  This will show you how taking care of your emotional and physical needs will assist you in your Life's purpose.

Where is Your Moon in relation to your Ascendant?  

How does Your Moon speak to your Ascendant? and it's Ruler (Venus)?

What emotional and physical growth will help you to pursue an easy pathway for your Purpose (Sun). 

Ascendant in Taurus 

If your Ascendant is in Taurus, your life experience can help you to evolve your vision from the inside out to transform as beauty all around you.  To create security and value within that manifests around. Taurus rules the neck, throat and shoulders so these are areas to adorn with beauty: performance, necklaces, earrings, shoulder pads.  You will likely have a beautiful and strong neck and shoulders.  Singing, chanting, yodelling, karanga (calling) and deep breathing are very good ways to tune into your body's physical capabilities, if you are not already making good use of these gifts. 

Taureans are a central cog in the machine of the physical world.  Venus (as ruler) will help your ability to easily connect with others, form loving relationships and deep bonds with your natural beauty, charisma, and your consistent ability to make others feel happy, and at ease.   Remember the Universal Law of Rhythm means you are attract magnetically when you are at ease, in the places on the Earth that you love, that you are not forcing outcomes, or butting heads.

You will be drawn to stablise and strengthen your vision into the base of resources that sustains, thereby creating a sustainable foundation of beauty, sustenance and contribution.   You can create manifest beautiful visions, and bring them into physical form.  Co-creation with the Universe is inherent in your pathway, so just get out of the way and let it flow. 

Venus as the Ascendant ruler of Taurus

The sign, position of Venus and how Venus, is aspected (other planets influencing it) will present pathways for your Taurus season.   Some paths may be easy (Moon in Cancer) and others may challenge your sense of grounding (a planet in Scorpio that squares or opposes your Ascendant). 

Remember in the South, that Mars (and sign, position, and aspects) and Pluto (Loss to Transform) will add flavour and spice, to your life's direction.   Conquering inner anger (potentially a childhood Authority challenge) that contributes to feelings of powerlessness (Pluto) and thus your lack of security is very important to Southern Taureans.   This is a inner security pattern to conquer in your teenage and midlife so you increase your yields in mid-life and beyond.   Venus will always be a dominant influence because of her proximity to the Sun, and your special month that is the growth shoots for the physical world.  But this will grow and by the Laws of Attraction and Vibration (part of your manifesting powers) expand even more - especially if you become conscious of this.  

Daily meditation and stillness (especially on the Earth and with Crytals) can help you to see past the physical, to the inner core of yourself that is aligned through the Law of Rhythm to the greater quantum field. 

Love, Grace and Beauty are high vibrations, that attunes low thinking...  upwards.  So allow this Grace that is flowing to you and through because you are born with the Goddess of Love and Relationships as your primary guide.  

To make this easy, think of yourself as the beautiful maiden warrier, the wāhine maiden queen, who is always gracious, in war and in peace! 

Flavours of your Temple Garden 

Remember to find the House where your Sun, Moon are.  Houses are your Where. They show you where your life experience will take you. This is explained in our blog of X.  It is important to find the House of Taurus as this will give you the flavour or characteristics of your Taurus placements.   

The sign and house your Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant's Ruler Venus is very important.  Especially in the case of your Ascendant.  Where your Venus is in relation to your Ascendant will help you realise your life purpose (Sun).   And finally, the degrees of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant will also reveal the width of your pathway.   Head to this article to find out more about how the degrees work in Astrology. 

Blessings, challenges and connections 

Your chart will show you what other energies (planets and stars) are talking to you and those planets close to your four key codes (Sun, Moon and Ascendant). 

Firstly find your key codes in Taurus (sun, moon, ascendant) and then consider the relationships with other energies:

  • Red lines are squares - planets three signs away, 90" which is analogous to the flavour of the first weather event, that occurs in the next seasonal cycle (for example for Taurus squares are with other fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius) . Squares metaphorically give you challenges to expand your self-awareness.  Oppositions - planets six signs away, 180" or the opposite season (i.e. summer to winter or for Taurus - Scorpio). These are contrasts, opposites and polarities that show up as your relationships with others and with life experience, that you get to explore and assimilate to grow in self awareness. 
  • Black lines are planets close to your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.  These are energies in the sign away, think mergers (energies that blend).  For example, the Sun merged with Venus (representing beauty, love and the forming of loving connections) means your life purpose may be fulfilled when you allow your natural charm, surround yourself with beautiful objects and loving relationships. 
  • Green lines are sextiles: planets up to two signs away, or within 60". These represent small gifts or blessings that make life, your emotions,  easy
  • Blue lines are trines (planets) that are four signs apart and of the same element (for example Taurus trines with Virgo and Capricorn, which means a very balanced Earth, ground and building foundation). 

Taurus Starseed origins

Fixed stars close to your Sun, Moon, Ascendant are the areas of the Galaxy that provide the origins for your consciousness and are 'home' planets.   Fixed stars only move 1 degree per 72 years so they are very slow moving and thus are more like portals of energy that you can step into, and do through the Soul's incarnation and crossing over (home planets). 

You can ask for direct help from these influences through meditation, and by standing under the night sky.   This can assist you to make sense of your Universal self and calling as a Soul.   

Downunder Taurus (the late degrees especially) are very much impacted with the gifts and blessings from a revered cluster of stars, known as Matariki (Pleiades in the North).

This sacred star (heritage) family appears in the sky late in May and is witness with great joy in Aotearoa.  The 7 Matariki sister stars are revered by Māori for marking the start of Winter, and the new year Māori calendar. 

Find your Taurus stars can be found here.  Remember you need exact degrees as the orb of influence of each star is around 1-3 degrees.   

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