Sisters Collective Māori Hei Tiki Amethyst gemstone pendant on Sterling Silver Hanger


Unique indigenous Māori design. A hand engraved Hei Tiki gemstone pendant with sterling silver hanger. Wear this very special design that fuses modern innovation with traditional customary design. This is a sustainable and very common stone. No other company produces Hei Tiki pendants in sustainable gemstones such as Amethyst. 

Hei tiki size: 5cm long and 3cm wide at its widest point. Arm hole for attachment. Gemstones can vary from the picture. Each Hei Tiki crystal is unique. Colours vary from pale purple, to deep purple to a mix.   Inclusions of clear and white quartz flecks can occur.

Sterling silver hanger allows you to wear the Hei Tiki on your own necklaces.

Wear for: Hei Tiki is a special guardian Māori design worn to protect and support the wearer: Amethyst is worn to increase spirituality, faith, increasing your imagination and your consciousness. 

Kōhatu (gemstones)



Sagittarius 28 (December 21)


Fortitude, Super Manifesting, Sovereignty



Natural purple glass