Sisters Collective Aquarius AstroJewel Zodiac Wristlet. Conscious Leadership Collectivised


Only something truly original, leading edge, and totally conscious jewels will inspire this most intelligent of the Air signs. Aquarius is the leader of New Earth, ruling the 11th house of the zodiac. And, just in charge of humanity for the next 2000 years of so.

Sisters Collective’s Aquarius Astrojewel Zodiac Wristlet, is designed to match the fixed mind of this group focused, innovative, progress, left-field, big systems thinking inventor - Air Sign, Aquarius. 

This bracelet calls to the 'highly motivated for impact' persistance and earth-shaking movement of Aquarius rulers: Saturn (perserverence) and Uranus (disruption). 

SIC have added high-vibe metallic aqua-blue-tone galaxy-gemstones for maximum Universal benefit, positioned on a single silvery green strand, with a hand-engraved round (12mm) silver charm that bears the Aquarius symbol.  

The affirmation for the Aquarius Astrojewel is “I EXPAND” alluding to the next level transformation that this intelligent, fixed, masculine Air sign can Zap into our world order.

Hardwearing design that can be worn in the lab, whilst you are constructing the next AI world takeover to emancipate the underdogs or whenever you remember to pull your head away from your puter. 

If you want to know more about the influence of Aquarius in your personal astrology read our BLOG 

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January 20 - February 19


Fixed Air

Ruling Planet

Uranus, Saturn



Conscious, rational, scientific, clever, fair, ruler of groups and associations, ahead of the wave, rebel with a cause

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Kyanite (cleansing and intellect), malachite (ancestral connection, invention, astro travels), green turquoise (protection, universal communication), amazonite (wisdom and understanding)


Gold, silver and black hematite (magnetism, amplification)