Sisters Collective Pisces AstroJewel Zodiac Wristlet. Everything Goes, Everything Flows


Pisces are the consummate assimilators of all other zodiac and star energies being the last or twelfth (12th) house and ruled by the great Oceanic dreaming planet Neptune.   

If you are born with your Sun in Pisces, you are a flexible, floaty spiritual sponge, receiving every piece of cosmic beauty and dust! as you flow in an ocean of emotion. 

Your Soul is tuned to the mystical vibrations at the heart of the Universe (even if you can't express this (yet)).  No-one can possibly fathom how deep you feel into this magical creative expansion. Sometimes, you fear you may be swept away in the flow. 

In western astrology, Pisces governs the last chilly moments of winter before that fresh spring breeze, stirs another turn of the Earth around the mighty Sun.   Mutable signs represent the end of a seasonal cycle, so they hold space for each new season, and in Pisces' case, you bear witness for each new yearly cycle. 

Pisces have their birthdays from 19 February to 18 March. 

The design of the Pisces Astrojewel was inspired by the Ruler Neptune as Tangaroa and Hinemoana combined.  Both the mighty sea-god and the wise ocean-goddess rule our sub-conscious knowing, our dreams, vision and our faith of the inexplicably indescribable essence of being. 

A universal mix of crystals joined to enhance the dreamy mutable never-ending creativity, empathy, compassion and acceptance of Pisces. 

Gemstones include: Amethyst (spirituality), kyanite (cleansing), white turqouise (compassion), and silver and natural hematite (amplification) crafted on a deep purple strand, with a hand-engraved round (12mm) silver charm hand-engraved with the Pisces Zodiac sign. 

Merge everything beyond physical boundaries without losing yourself Pisces, with this wristlet's expansion and abundance gemstones.  Set your focused-flow intentions, and repeatedly tune into the powers of Jupiter and Neptune.   Do this often, for joy, love, happiness and pure consciousness. 

The affirmation for the Pisces Astrojewel is “I Surrendor” alluding to the power of manifesting more of what we love by allowing the flow of the 99.99999999% Universal.  

A hardwearing design that can be worn in the ocean, in the shower, when you are floating in any body of water, during sports or physical exercise and definitely when meditating on your mat, Pisces.   Adjustable shambala cord to fit your wrist. 



February 19 to March 20


Mutable Water

Ruling Planet

Neptune, Jupiter,



Empathetic, spiritual, artistic, imaginative without boundaries - a bit prone to addition, loves the water

Kōhatu (gemstones)

Sodalite (protection- stone of heroes), Kyanite (cleansing, self belief, intellect and perspective), amethyst (insight, spirituality, ridding of addiction), black tourmaline (protection and eliminating negative influences)


Gold, silver and black hematite (magnetism, amplification